Buy Practice

Purchasing Medical, Dental, Veterinary Practices

For potential buyers we can source for you practice sellers that meet your requirements such as desired area of practice, preferable location, size, type of practice, specific criteria and importantly price and budget. Our registration process is simple and streamlined online here and allows us to contact you when it’s convenient and to match our client networks to help you find the practice you want. Simply fill out the registration of interest for buyers online or contact us and we will be in touch to help you start the process of helping you find the right practice.

Because we are experienced purchasers having dealt with the purchase of healthcare practices ourselves, we are able to successfully liaise with sellers to help purchasers find the right business and practices and have extensive networks of practice sellers and professionals wishing to sell their business and possible freeholds. We are former health care professional as a broker that understand specific requirements and needs and how to source the right practices in a pleasant, professional, transparent and above all ethical and honest manner. We can help provide guidance on transitional periods with former principal owners. Many practices that we have for sale at anytime may not be listed publicly and not advertised so please contact us and register your interest so as we can help you source available businesses and practices that are listed for sale.




Our Stages of Purchasing

Enquiry and Initial discussions. We can provide broad information

Execute the Confidentiality Agreement so we can provide more detailed information on specific practices for sale

The investigation stage where we provide more detail and purchasers can gain professional advice from specialists and discuss purchase process

Meet personally with Broker then inspect the premises and Business

Negotiate the purchase and heads of agreement if purchaser and seller have come to agreement on terms and payment of deposit. Both parties will need Legal practitioners to help and advise as the process progresses to contract stage and exchange before settlement. This can involve approvals and landlord consents.

After exchange of contracts the buyer and sellers prepare for settlement. This can involve formal approvals for finance and other contractual obligations and landlord assignment consent.

Progression to handover and settlement when final payment of monies is made to Vendor and Purchaser takes control and profits